Violet & Moss

June 3, 2014

Welcome to Violet & Moss


Welcome to Violet & Moss! This blog will revolve primarily around scent, including reviews of specific perfumes, discussion of aroma materials, looks at popular plants used in perfumery, the sense of smell, and many other fragrant elements. It’s very likely that other aspects of beauty will also creep into my posts, especially fairy tale inspired fashion, historical/mythological adornment, and any body/skin care items I happen to be excited about at the moment.

I’m a bit obsessed with certain perfume notes, most especially violets, orange blossom, tuberose, oakmoss, and amber, so many of my reviews will probably be focused on fragrances that include them. I’ll begin with a series on violet-centric perfumes, both popular and obscure, ranging from delicate Victorian style violet scents┬áto outrageous purple perfumes that defy the whole “shrinking violet” cliche.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and thanks for reading!


Viola odorata

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